Brown-Amosite (Grunerite)








































































































Damaging a sprayed asbestos coating releases around 1000 fibres per ml of air; this is not a good place to park your car






















































































Asbestos use in fire blankets is easily understood. Why you would want it in a dishcloth is anyones guess.







Asbestos Insulating Board was most commonly used for ceiling tiles.Here it has perforations to improve acoustic properties





What could be better to decorate the hearth at Christmas than a box of asbestos snow?









Range stoves had hot plates that couldn't be turned down so asbestos mats were used for simmering.









Asbestos was widely used in fuse boxes and other electrical installations. Watch out for asbestos rope around the door to the fuse box, flash guards, panels, shelves and meter boxes along with insulation.
















Asbestos Textured Coating (Artex)


















(Left) Examples of asbestos in the home


(Right) Approved Asbestos Warning Label






































Asbestos cement

































The State Rock of California is Serpentine, otherwise known as Chrysotile ore














































































If smoking isn't bad enough for you these filters contain crocidolite
























Advertised as 'The answer to troublesome problems' these asbestos mitts would have certainly left your hands unburned (until your untimely cremation)
































Britain had an insatiable appetite for asbestos; six million tons of raw asbestos was imported in the twentieth century






It is easy to forget that asbestos has saved lives






























































 Not Marvels finest hour


























An American Asbestos group tested a range of toys for sale in the USA and claimed to have found tremolite asbestos in the CSI Fingerprint Kit made by Planet Toys. Planet Toys have now filed for bankrupcy.
























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